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Personal Injury

When someone else’s actions or failures cause you injury, you have the right to seek justice under personal injury law.  It doesn’t matter if your injuries were caused by accident or by intentional conduct; the person, business or entity whose conduct injured you is responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and economic harm they caused. 

At Aaron Jensen Law office we pursue justice for you when you have been injured by another. We handle all types of personal injury, whether you have suffered a catastrophic brain or spinal cord injury, concussion or traumatic brain injury, soft-tissue injury, broken bones, car accident injuries, injuries requiring surgery, injuries you expect to recover from or devastating debilitating injurieslife-altering injuries.  We are happy to meet you, without cost to you, at home, hospital or wherever is most convenient for you so we may understand your case and provide help and preserve important evidence as soon as possible. 


Defective Medical Devices and Drugs

Defective medical devices and drugs cause many injuries and deaths each year. Although the government works to monitor testing and regulate medical devices and drugs, many such products are advertised and used for years, even when they are not suitable for use.   Some medical products that have been and are currently in litigation or recall include surgical mesh, certain joint replacements and infusion pumps.   If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective medical device or drug, you may be entitled to compensation.  At Aaron Jensen Law Office, we are committed to help you achieve full compensation for injuries caused by defective devices or drugs. 

Trucking Accidents

Distracted or inattentive driving, ignoring trucking laws and regulations and other driver errors can be especially devastating when accidents involve semi-trucks and trailers.  Commercial truck drivers require special training and licenses and must observe specific regulations to keep our roads safer. At times, major or small transport companies ignore regulations allowing under- qualified or improperly or inadequately trained drivers to operate these massive machines on our roads. At AJ Law we are committed to exposing what really happened to cause truck accidents and the trauma of resulting injuries to obtain just compensation for our clients involved in truck accidents. 

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence or malpractice may involve initial missed diagnoses of conditions or diseases, errors in surgery and other mistakes in treatment, leading to tragic injury and loss including death, brain damage, nerve injuries, birth defects, scarring and other injuries.  Medical professionals that make errors, and don’t meet an acceptable level of care for their patients, are not necessarily bad doctors or malicious people, but should be held accountable within the standards of their professions.  These cases require expert review by other similar healthcare professionals. 

Aaron has worked to defend such cases at major teaching hospital and for major medical groups and prominent physicians in the past.  He has also represented individuals and families devastated by medical mistakes and understands the difficulties these cases may pose.  We are prepared to work with the details of medical records and procedures and standards to help you achieve just compensation regarding negligence related to failure to diagnose, anesthesia errors, hospital negligence, medication errors, nurses errors, surgical errors and nursing home abuse and neglect.

Pedestrian Accidents

When vehicles hit unprotected pedestrians, at any speed, the damage and injuries can be devastating.  , even at low speeds can result in severe and permanent injuries. Lives can change in a single moment of distraction or inattention.  At AJ Law, we work to provide care, compassion and compensation to pedestrians injured by vehicles.  In these, and other accident cases, it is important to secure our help early so we may advocate or you, understand your case quickly and seek to appreciate and preserve evidence quickly to seek justice for our injured clients and their families. 

We will visit you at home, at the hospital, at work or wherever is most convenient for you to assess your case as soon as possible. 

family law

Disputes within families, whether divorce, protective orders, abuse issues, child support , alimony or other areas of family distress can be difficult and painful.  In helping our clients with family law concerns, we focus on maintaining, improving, and preserving relationships, while helping our clients achieve just and fair results and protection within the law.  It is our goal to help our clients achieve the healthiest and best long-term outcome possible to family conflicts.  


Wrongful Death

One of the most painful and devastating experiences a family may suffer is the wrongful death of a loved one.  In the wake of a wrongful death, families experience intense emotions and losses, including loss of emotional support, guidance, companionship and financial security.  Those losses extend for a lifetime. At AJ Law, a mission of care drives us to provide you with compassionate care and guidance in achieving justice and full compensation for your family's loss.  


Car Accidents

Lifetime devastation results from crashes caused by distracted or careless drivers.  The leading cause of death for those aged 8 to 34 in the U.S. is vehicle crashes.  More than 2.5 million people are injured yearly in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, often leading to long recovery and life-long disabilities, lost health, lost independence and inability to fully enjoy life.   

At Aaron Jensen Law, we help our clients find the best medical care to work toward the best possible recovery from injury.  We also strive to bring accountability to people and business that cause destructive accidents and to attain the greatest recovery and compensation possible for those injured or killed. Regardless of factors involved, whether it be alcohol or substance impaired driving, inattention due to texting, cell phone use, or other distractions, difficulties with the other drivers’ or the innocent victim’s own insurance, we are committed to understanding and clarifying what happened in accidents and winning full compensation for our clients.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

For decades, we have been warned to “start seeing motorcycles.”  Cars and trucks do not enjoy special privilege on our roads because of their prevalence or size.  Motorcyclists and cyclists enjoy the same rights on our roadways; but they are often injured by inattentive or insensitive drivers’ actions and errors.   Bikers are at greater risk to distracted drivers, bad judgment, failure to yield, reckless or impaired driving, speeding, driver error, unsafe passing, following too closely, and crowding cyclists on the roadside.  Injury or death in biking accidents requires a full investigation and the right team of professionals to bring responsibility to drivers who cause those accidents.

Premises Liability

Owners and renters of public or private property are required to keep their property reasonably safe for the people they allow on their property. Faulty or inadequate maintenance, dog attacks, inadequate security, sexual assault, exposure to hazardous materials such as lead or mold, falls or drownings may occur due to property related negligence. AJ Law is prepared to investigate the facts and prove liability for property related injuries resulting in full compensation.

Defective Products

Consumers are often injured by unsafe products.  Manufacturers and designers cut costs to increase profits, sometimes resulting in injuries to innocent consumers. When a manufacturer designs defective or dangerous products that cause death or injury, they should be held responsible for the harm they cause. 

Products that may be defective and cause injury may include cars, medical devices, machinery, drugs, tools and children's products.  Such products may continue to be sold after injuries have occurred.  At AJ Law we work to bring justice and compensation to individuals and families injured by unreasonably dangerous products.

Business disputes

Small local businesses as well as large multinational entities frequently find conflict in their daily operations. Business conflict may be due to issues that arise between companies, entirely within one company or personal issues involving individuals within an organization that affect the organization and its relationships with other businesses. 

We believe in working to find positive solutions to business problems; whether that involves better communication, filing or responding to a lawsuit, or a multi-faceted approach to resolving business conflict.  Aaron has experience representing small family businesses in local disputes, startups, large multi-national businesses and a variety of owners.  We have helped small businesses take on larger corporations with greater economic and other resources and craft successful resolutions for out clients.  We have helped agriculture and farm related businesses, manufacturers, artisans, tech startups, retailers, equipment dealers and others businesses.  We have helped smaller businesses who may not have always had equal footing survive and thrive against long odds. We enjoy helping all kinds of businesses.


Debt and the many circumstances of life that impact financial health can be overwhelming, especially when medical and other unforeseen expenses arise.  Bankruptcy is not always the right solution for every situation of financial distress, but bankruptcy laws have been enacted and revised over time to benefit debtors and creditors and ultimately our entire society.  At AJ Law, we counsel individuals and small businesses regarding financial distress and potential application of bankruptcy laws.  It is our objective to help you find the best solution to hard financial questions, including bankruptcy.